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A friendly Valentine's day

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Your eyes

  Whenever I do this thought experiment after looking at this causal inference from the look of your eyes and then close mine my breathing changes and I feel the sensation of a beating heart even in the palm of my hands, those you had touched when we had met Can someone seriously feel these sensations?   my mind questions all of this and I have to nod, in affirmative and I decipher that evasive philosophies, all the clutter that reason and logic define is subservient to my raw instinct which has nothing in it but you and your different emotions, forms, and surrealism   can I love you in parts? shall I start with eyes, gorgeous laughter or that perpetual curiosity, that energizes a broken heart? or that warmth, which for no reason limits my choice of verse?   when I imagine you  I enter the space of your innocence and in the background somewhere I hear  soothing piano notes, as I hold you close and shelter you from your predicaments


Your aura is consistently brewing in my intractable mind need I say I am drenched in it? the day I met you, and it is so recent like the flower that has bloomed  in this spring of transcendence the beating heart and the soulful parleys co-existed, at least for me, in those three hours the beguilement of your demeanor  and the insights of your innocence it is all embedded in the cells of my prefrontal cortex, refusing to vanish, reluctant to let-go I cannot detach your thoughts from my current state of meditative nonchalance and that is how it has to be as a strain of Sun  touches the feet when I write this at the cusp where the departing winter morning seduces in its spell I can't help but smile and close my eyes I am smitten in a most undiscernible way It is subtle in many ways, definitely profound from another version of my own truth and there are few side effects my intellect has become more illuminated and I am charmed into new  horizons of hope I cannot really explain this so

I am in Love. Possibly

Possibly, it is love no it is not merely plain admiration nor intoxicating lust If I think about you and lean in those thoughts, unpossessed yet embedded and get in the elements of non duality, oneness of the body and mind I know it is metaphysical and raw, physical still lust is a powerful word I am powerless, grounded in my own insufficiencies  and a victim of my own world and my world connects organically to your dreamy acceptance yes, it is love I don't have a flowery definition neither a phrase to sell but a moment of peace, within me connects discreetly to you

At the marine drive

  At the junction, the name of which I forgot already in the company of stale see breeze and a gloomy sunrise at the backdrop I met you and the color that you wore resembled black your mascara clad eyes and the fragrance of yellow roses looked as if we were having a date but then I had other plans When you were looked in my eyes, my impulse was to look in yours for a moment I forgot the moment and took a deep breath I held your hand then, as tightly as I could and started my walk I don't remember what you said but you were laughing and giggling and I was loving all of it, the whole-body experience of the energy that you brought was not enough for me, at all The walk continued till I saw a better view of the Sun in the silent vision of the sea And I was looking at you and you were looking everywhere around My hands were in your hands still  and the breeze was letting your hair look disheveled  and your pristine innocence took me in and we embraced The waves had started crashing in ,

Her onslaught

Her onslaught is temperamentally subtle and  hooks you up in a different realm you may not even know the frame of her mind is perpetually juxtaposed in a way that may be deliciously detrimental  for you there is no way to escape no where to go being with her and watching her silently is enough everything else is a beautiful accompaniment to her chaotic symphony

The appetite I wish was not in me

This was the eventual pièce de résistance when I saw you organically alter my genre which was irresistibly platonic  to metaphorically an aroused state slowly my heart could melt  away towards our bodies an unplanned appetite to say the least when I undressed your emotions and devoured all that was for me it was as if I forgot my verity and caressed you as this was it and no other day would come for me to twist my senses simply put, we made love in the sweetest ways I could define the objectivity got stolen away in the moments of no-mind state it was all about you and me and nothing else would entertain me at that time and place the collusion was it inevitable? the way your hair fell on  half of your upper neck and touched your breasts a little could I have shut my eyes? I really don't know when it was all over and I woke up at a different place I still realized that it was not a dream it was something that lay at the back of my soul was it something I desired all through? I wish I