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Free will

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New ray of light

  Emulsified into a new mode of being, a new luminescence acts as a metaphor  of breaking the shackles  of the past clutter of wilderness  The jumping rhapsody of vision has led to this new clarity as if a newest testament has been revealed and new ideals have emerged I have grown into a virtuous self of sorts looking at each moment of seeing within as a way of understanding the world  Through the lens of a kind of self-renaissance,  the world we live in Is superficially old and yet surprisingly new, In the “here and now” we exist We are always on a path of renewal and this transformative beam of light Is a new room I live in Life is but a breathtaking journey, If only the hearts are open to see other hearts melting for you

You are wonderful

  I know what I am saying is sort of a cliché that you are wonderful and your kind demeanor creates a surreal bond of which I do not have most appropriate  words or phrases but to say you are wonderful this flavor of being connected to an indefinable sweet energy field is beyond the frontiers of many minds my narcissistic self at least feels so that what I feel for you no one else can do and it sounds such a simple poem as if it is a ballad of a teen fantasy but then I think of you  more than I should think of you In this wonderous spirit of life you give me a reason to believe that someone could be so wonderful as you are  

Tyrant and the chocolate mousse

Tyranny is human made and so is the chocolate mousse or mobile phones or sleeping pills excessive chocolate mousse in its larger impact may get appointment to the dentist closer to a cozy dinner with a loved one a tyrant's fury may leave you emotionally naked and physically wounded the exhaustion can look like death or a hazy perception of  something bigger taken away that something bigger is plain and simple life in its mundane as well as interesting forms of calling the plumber when the hose is leaking or to call mother on mother's day or to genuinely get hung over when it was not needed the tyrant takes it all away all it takes is a simple word - hate mobile phones come in various technically incomprehensible jargon while the tyrant disseminates the very sense of the breath that keeps us alive tyrant looks like a human while a pastry chef is a human, or the person who works at the car clean shop we have forgotten one thing in the bargain of knowing the truth that

Let me not say "missing you"

My verse when it revolves around thinking of you in a way that is a strange mix of yearning and a smile has there two words in common, "missing you" and it is perplexing because whenever I write these two words, I do really miss you and it changes the plot whatever I write turns into pure yearning Today, I thought of devising a plan I will not say that I miss you henceforth can I replace there words with a set of five or six words, like "in the aura of your sweetness" or "meddling my thoughts with you" or even, "in love with your existence?" People may argue that words are creation of a human mind so what will happen If I keep on saying that I am "missing you"? I am not aware of someone else' thoughts I do not want to trade off yearning with desperation If I am in love with your existence I see you everywhere hence, no point of saying that I miss you Now this decision looks like it will not change and I feel relived in a certain way

The warmth of a ballad that is you

Few hours are already gone but the aroma of that one hour in the morning today brilliantly matches the feeling that you get when you meet someone who is prepossessing, with the eyes that sparkle perpetually and the wise fragrance of the warmth that starts with a generous hug and sets the day as a therapy in action that beautiful heartful hour when the city was flirting with half sun and half of patchy clouds, was a kind of a poem if one considers steaming breakfast and a animated chatter with a loving human as a complete verse All of it, now that I recall was like a spiritual serendipity, a subtle mindfulness something that I really wish I can describe in these random lines Soulful connections do not always happen randomly there is this organic urge to meet, confabulate and ignite our worlds with each others' presence Your presence is a soothing tender balm and as I take this deep breath and close my eyes I imagine this day would perch in my mind as a sunny bright day where the coo

The narratives of you and me

This is why I know you and my calculation of the heart revolves around the myths I manufacture around me I have my reasons sorted out or so they seem to be it is about me and what I perceive I believe in I love to have that meaning that defines me When I walk that boulevard with you I look at the colorless rain filled sky and your red color fashion statement howsoever absurd it may seem tends to reflect your candor or that's what I gather there are many "I's" in what I am writing here When I close my eyes and try to breathe deeper while flying from one thought to other silly innuendo I see you face, clear without blemishes and in the circle of white translucent light smiling, head tilted towards me while you listen to what I say When I look at everything with love I seem to transcend the transactional the semantics of you and me is surely menial to what we feel when we sit quietly with each others' warmth If I just "be", I am me and you are you