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I miss you

I miss your gargoyle laughter deep throated, vocal cords high and the voice that had a resonating charming quality and I miss the way you would create funny acts in the play of life whether there were dark clouds, shades of serendipity or the pains of limitless proportions
I miss the way your eyes dance not static as mine would be they would wonder towards the curious realm sometimes on a page of the book you would read and mostly outside the window towards the afternoon lull your eyes tell eternal stories of past pain and all the rest
your abhorrence towards me now is kosher and instinctive it talks about your love that has broken into fragments my ways had been reckless and decadent and I accept that I shouldn’t have said what I said I know it would be too late now I miss the times of enchantment and I wish to be the earlier me
Without you, the world around is just a routine masquerade sounds of cars honking, the heat of the summer the nasty winds and the dubious neighbours they all look more omnipresent then ev…

We met in a state of trance

Iniquitous differences apart or whatever sets me in I meet her when I start the fire
She gives me a wholesome peck and not so mellow trespass of a kiss the lips cannot swallow the heat I hold her and I see her melt I upstart another thaw and we celebrate temporary-ness this is the moment of infectious insanity and of intense touches of the soul
Over beer mugs. I watch her move around creative with the taste making her move makes me hold her hands and make her melt with the rejoice of lust
Am I wicked? and the raging fire Stalls the insights Of facade of life as we know it All barri

The heartbreak and Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen sings waiting for the miracle while I get a message and my life gets broken she says that she can’t fathom knowing me and my foibles henceforth
the words war was my subconscious fallacy I could not convey that it was a different me sitting in a lonely corner of a heated parapet while I said something to terrify her trajectory, with me
and Cohen sings, You wouldn't like it here
There ain't no entertainment
And the judgments are severe

I didn’t have to say What I said the other day I didn’t have to measure up my words to say something I did all I did was trying to play safe and I ended up hurting my space I was some actor on a play where the audience dreamt of a lost plot
The message was clear from her side I am the bedrock of her hate and I deserve the fate of surreal accusations, and the desolate acceptances I don’t deserve her in the notion of my life which has more half-truths than fantasies
while I hear Cohen now his sad verse cannot say or feel what I feel, at this moment