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Wholesome love

I do say it with a hidden brew of
amorous dreams
of not too much of subtlety
the thoughts never cease to accept
that's it's a version of love
one which is rare
undefinable, unclear
it gets replenished
when I watch her face
through the prism
of my random emotions
I find the heart
telling it's own language
enhanced heartbeats
joyful waits
long drives unhealthy nibbles at a cafe
the healthy bites of
casual discussions
the nuances of smiling to self
an euphoric teen like feeling
all of this emerges
not with sobriety for sure

the messenger
nudges the message
but the certainty of all of this
is pleasing yet painful
the greens and the reds and the yellows
the colors so vivid
like her persona
and my precarious thoughts
it is all so alarmingly exciting
and wholesome
just like her endless giggles 


From the hubris
of a silence that is heard
a chivalry of emotions
perceived delusions
and the pain
with a daft ignorance
I become someone else
with the stroke of a thought
it chokes the earlier me
gagged thought
can only gasp for truth
but the hope still survives
the question remains as it is
Should I be a bruised cat
or a phoenix?