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A travel fortune

the minds have already met
with exhilaration
It’s time for convergence
with the chatter of the heart
and the baring of the souls
in an clandestine way
cutting the forests of illusion
with all the platonic rhetoric
i say this to you
i have traveled this far 
in emotional transgression 
let me have a travel fortune
in your serendipitous journey
dropping all expectations
and uplifting our inner voice
the touch of the soothing souls
always resonates
in the destination
did i ever say
that the journey so far
empowers me
with love?


A bell
and few moments of chanting
“nam myoho renge kyo”
inward decadence
strolls away
with the self imaging
of Buddha nature
carved out of
an inner realm,
a consciousness of creating
my own manifested self
my own peaceful aggression
within myself
and an affirmation
that I am the one
who will bring change
of a perdurable kind
Gohonzon is my ever shining mirror
all i have to do is
open my eyes
and see myself