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Happy New Year

The year gone by
was diabolical
as any other year
more like the Orwellian 1984
the celebrations are a metaphor
of imperilled decadence
What can one wish
when the gloom
watches us over?
and the reason
is challenged by a hollow lunacy
the good things include
smiling people
and forgiveness
and that coffee
Let us value those
who are close
and that’s what should matter
in 2018 or in any other year
Happy New Year!

Wholesome love

I do say it with a hidden brew of
amorous dreams
of not too much of subtlety
the thoughts never cease to accept
that's it's a version of love
one which is rare
undefinable, unclear
it gets replenished
when I watch her face
through the prism
of my random emotions
I find the heart
telling it's own language
enhanced heartbeats
joyful waits
long drives unhealthy nibbles at a cafe
the healthy bites of
casual discussions
the nuances of smiling to self
an euphoric teen like feeling
all of this emerges
not with sobriety for sure

the messenger
nudges the message
but the certainty of all of this
is pleasing yet painful
the greens and the reds and the yellows
the colors so vivid
like her persona
and my precarious thoughts
it is all so alarmingly exciting
and wholesome
just like her endless giggles 


From the hubris
of a silence that is heard
a chivalry of emotions
perceived delusions
and the pain
with a daft ignorance
I become someone else
with the stroke of a thought
it chokes the earlier me
gagged thought
can only gasp for truth
but the hope still survives
the question remains as it is
Should I be a bruised cat
or a phoenix?

The Space

You reclaimed the space by your contemplative stare at the ambience of people and intellect sometimes with a tilt of the zaftig shoulders with a fragile hand next to a cheek and the other handling the mobile phone and it didn’t fell!
the hues of yellow and red and blue the dress of a rebel, of an innocent pulchritude And those revelatory eyes well, they don’t disclose Almost!
the excitement of connections the child like laughter the bonhomie over the tea the space was yours enchantingly so!
the different shades of emotions had me spellbound when i close my eyes I breathe those moments
like a starry eyed teenager

I don’t imagine loving you

I do not imagine your tresses as they fall on your shoulders, I do not admire you overwhelmingly then although I do look but not with expressions of callous flirtations but of perhaps awe or maybe a mild appreciation what if i say this now that in my subconscious reality your presence has a beauty of its own mind you it is not really therapeutic or meditative but it does makes my head argue with my heart
I do look at your eyebrows when you are contemplative your eyes laugh when you do and i can gather the ripened moment

Few Love Haikus

a kiss marmalade of taste not able to recede
the taste your tresses wild abandon
final effort the peak sun shines brightly
a moan flight of ecstasy the morning smile

The Ballad of the Simmering Brew

You said  that I am a nomadic transgression sold unnaturally  in this dramatic tapestry of life and I said no, its not yet so simple the journey is more easier than you imagine
Its you really It's you who has brought me into this joyous melody of creative hallucinations endless daydreams and never ending confabulations I am so complicated, yeah you have simplified all of this with the streak of so much love all around
You tell me all the time that we should have met earlier and I said yeah we are here and now this trajectory is the icing on the cake and we see it and feel it all the time when we see the eyes on fire this journey is more easier than you imagine
It's you really it's you who has brought me into this joyous melody of creative hallucinations...


It acts like a thaw,
you had claimed
more time apart
nurtures the left brain,
alone, you are creative
and silent
and mildly explosive
distance aggravates
the intensity
of togetherness,
once we are together, again
the rawness is prophetic
(another of your philosophic rant)
do I buy this argument?
it so much depends on how
many choices
or philosophical reasoning I have
in rejecting,
considering that it is you
who brings meaning to my innuendos
who measures distance?
Is it the physical realm
or geographical?
two people at loggerheads
are also metaphorically distant
people at peace, living together
can also trigger
the creative spunk
of the left brain
whether you are here
or far
the distance is dysfunctional to me
my love for you
doesn't need metaphors
or stubborn rationality

Your eyes, that smile

your eyes
translate your inner conflicts
they shed tears
when skewed by innocence
or when you rise in love

I always see your eyes
when i visit that cafe
and in the shadow of
all the noises of food and cutlery
I sneak my glances
at you
not so deliberately
or so it appears

if someone could sue me for being lustful
towards your eyes
I will go broke

that smile
spoils my character
it's like meditation
I lose myself
all the while

the combination
is tyrannical
for my beliefs

Valentine's Day

The mortal beginning of the day
is simple,
not overtly suspicious
or conspicuous
the newspaper vendor
throws it
on the windowpane
the Sun is as magnanimous
as it was yesterday
it is not present of course
in some places where it snows
when I love, it's all the time
at every fleeting moment
of self discovery
within me
if I am deceptive to myself
what will a day give to me?
I love you not because
it's' the right thing to do
and I don't love you less or more
depending on today's date
Nevertheless, the celebrated saint
needs to be celebrated once more
In the times of chaos
and climate change and politics of hate
this day of smiles and flowers
is gratifying to say the least